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Meet Vida

Hi! I am Vida Bratton, Curvy FITstructor, Plus Size FAITH Mommypreneur and your Size Healthy Firestarter. I am a Wife, Certified Nutritionist, Marketplace Minister and Author. I count it a blessing to lead this national movement Healthy Curves Rock! I also co-labor with my husband, Pastor, Veteran and Comedian, PT Bratton.

My path – a chubby active child turned fit young adult, an educator turned entrepreneur, a life bankrupt turned to my biggest breakthrough. I have almost 20 years in Higher education as an instructor, adjunct, program leader and committee chair. This is my foundation for serving and meeting the needs of young adults and women well. Coupled with my experience of 11 years in the Health & Wellness arena as a certified Nutritional Counselor, Health & Wellness Coach and Fitness instructor, I found myself armed with a unique set of skills that help to transform lives.

As a result of walking in my purpose, I found myself partnering with colleges, conferences, summits, community organizations, churches, and government agencies. I could be found guilty of tgalvanizing folks to make little changes that would be lasting changes in their LAB - Life and Business.

All of my experiences - highs and lows - landed me at the feet of Jesus and the door of my destiny. You see Healthy Curves Rock is my sweet spot. But I ran from it. I mean how could I, a plump person my entire life, lead anyone in a Healthy Lifestyle? Then I realized while plump. plus size, chubby (insert your adjective), I also identified with being active and healthy.

Size Healthy has always been my goal. But what gave me my last nudge was the phone call from half way around the world notifying me of my father's heart-attack. Landing in this space because of life's tragedies was a blessing in disguise. This is not a program but a MOVEMENT. Women of all sizes - Curvy women, Plus size women, strong women, moms, college women - will live their best now! They will show up in Life, Business, Ministry, Communities...Healthy, Whole and Free! I am thankful that God provided the Aid for my Lemons.

I look forward to seeing you at the gym, park, your office, your school, at church or online - moving learning, growing and living healthy, whole and free ON PURPOSE. I have a special place in my heart for ladies in Higher Education. My initial change occurred in college. And I look forward to serving you. The SQUAD is growing. And I would love for you to Join us!

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Some of Vida's Partnerships