Who We Are


Healthy Curves Rock is the only health & wellness movement created for plus size and curvy women. It was founded by Vida Bratton, a plus size fitness enthusiasts and certified nutritional counselor affectionately referred to as the Curvy FITstructor. Our mantra around here is – Size Healthy is the GOAL! We are on a mission to MOVE - MOTIVATE, ORGANIZE, VALIDATE and EMPOWER Plus Size and Curvy women to live Healthy, Whole and FREE!


The rise of the Body Confidence Movement, which encourages people to adopt more forgiving and affirming attitudes towards their bodies, with the goal of improving overall health and well-being, has reshaped our thinking around body images. You can find more about that movement here. Healthy Curves Rock has found that while more body types are being accepted, there is still a deficit with one of it's goals. Health is rarely addressed.

Regarding physical health according to the Center for Disease Control the percentage of adults aged 20 and over who are overweight, including obese is 70.7%. We know that feeling great in one's skin does not connote wholeness. And that physical health is important for quantity and quality of life. Also, how one feels about their body does not always relate to size. There are mental and emotional facets that one may have been battling for years at varying sizes. 

Size Healthy is our Goal. And not just in our bodies, but our mind and spirit too. Healthy Curves Rock is a Wholistic Health movement. If only compartmentalizing our lives actually worked, but it does't. We use FAITH - one's belief, FITNESS - physical activity and FUN - relationships, adventure and experiences to create a space, energy and connections that allow sisters to live Healthy, Whole and Free!

We are proud of our Curves of Color initiative focusing on the health disparities of women of color. Our goal is to resources and practical tools for our sisters of color to take control and remain in control of their health.



Growing up as a “chubby” kid never stopped Vida from remaining active. She played soccer in elementary school, basketball in middle school and volleyball for three years in High School. Not to mention her endless years of jumping double-dutch at recess and in the streets of northeast Washington DC, Vida has always loved to “play."  And this “play” is what kept her healthy even while remaining “chubby.”

During her first year in college, Vida lost over 75lbs from what she calls a lifestyle change. It was in fact the beginning of her journey. She just didn't know it yet. While in grad school she ran her first 5k and loved it! She went on to spend two years teaching in Japan and fell in love with healthy, yummy food. 

Returning to the US having recently lost her dad to lifestyle diseases, she embarked on her Nutritional Counseling certification and never looked back. She went on to receive her fitness certification while 6 months pregnant with her first child.

Throughout this journey Vida began to learn and understand and own the truth that regardless of one’s size, being healthy was most important and that would be her goal. With this focus, other pieces would fall into place.

Vida did not do this alone. She loves community, camaraderie and sisterhood. And she has been blessed to have these three along her continuous journey. Her Faith also played a major roll in her mindset shift along with her willingness to embrace fitness as a lifestyle that FIT her. And the cherries on top have been the are good food, fun and friends - the blessing for the journey.

So Vida bottled up her  experience – Faith, Inspiration & Transformation and launched what is now Healthy Curves Rock - a media platform with a goal to serve women nationwide.  

Healthy Curves Rock is excited to celebrate who you are, support you where you are and aid you along your journey. We live free from everyone's expectations, labels, and standards and commit to ourselves because we are worth it! If you are ready to join the squad and embark on your Size Healthy journey CLICK HERE and we'll see you on the inside.