Journey to Healthy – 3 Life Lessons That Launched Healthy Curves Rock

Journey to Healthy – 3 Life Lessons That Launched Healthy Curves Rock

WELCOME to Healthy Curves Rock ladies!! I’m Vida Bratton the Founder and CEO of this size-inclusive website for the woman who wants to live her best life! We are here to Motivate, Organize, Validate and Equip you, who may have often been marginalized because of the number on the scale or in the back of your pants, to Live your Best Life now and that Size Healthy is the goal!

So! This has been a long time coming. Who knew that a decision to “try something” different over 20 years ago would lead me to a career in Health &Wellness and be the catalyst for Healthy Curves Rock? I am so grateful! Even more, I am thankful for what has been gleaned along the way and is the value I now have to share with you.

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My Three Life Lessons

1. Take a Chance on You

My life as a chubby kid in Washington, DC was filled with bike rides, skating, double-dutch and coming inside when that first street light gave notice. It also included a closely knit extended family that was filled with yummy Sunday dinners, interesting treats from local marts and “just because” journeys to the corner store for 5 cent and penny candy. Ahh! Those were the days.

I would have never guessed that those fun-filled days and continuous weight gain would have me starting my first year of college weighing 255lbs. But a change was about to occur. Trekking the terrain of my University daily at that weight was just not working. So with zero knowledge I took a chance on me. I looked at a food label and learned what percentage of each nutrient we should have and created an eating plan and stayed within those numbers and the daily calorie count…I think. (This would be a good space to mention please don’t try this at home and please consult a physician before you embark on any major health changes.)

I excluded fried foods, red meat and junk food. I increased water, veggies and exercise. Oh and no eating after 7pm. And I lost 70lbs between February and June. I was SO HAPPY I took a chance on me. I felt wonderful. While still plus size according to medical standards, my life had changed forever.


2. Follow Your Heart

Life in New York City took a shift during the fall of 2002 and I had time to focus on me. I felt the need to do something different and enjoyable. I wanted to live in another country. I researched a program two friends had done. I applied and five weeks before the program began I was accepted. This city girl was on her way to the country side of the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan.

The two years spent here would change my life forever. Three interesting things occurred.

a. I met my Japanese sister Meg who invited me to her house almost every day for dinner. I learned about mountain vegetables, balanced meals, and the benefits of the food we were consuming. And I met her 90-year-old grandmother who managed the food co-op!
b. I met my first African-American vegan, Takeyah. WHAT! You could be black and vegan? (This was 2003.) Takeyah introduced me to many delicious plant-based options. When visited her she would prepare easy, yummy quick meals I continued to prepare after we left.
c. I decided to learn more about healthy eating and lifestyle changes for personal reasons. I received my certification in Nutritional Counseling. I became a Health & Wellness Coach. And I obtained several Fitness certifications. My life was changing.

I also met my husband and stepped into another major part of my purpose, but more on this later. My heart did not steer me wrong.

3. Exercise Your Faith

As I was approaching a milestone birthday I was very reflective. What do I want to do with the rest of my life? Where is my place of impact? How do I take all I’ve learned and share with those who need and want it? These thoughts brought me back to Health & Wellness. I knew God had called me to serve in this space years ago, but I was not sure about how this Plus Size/Curvy girl would infiltrate such a space. More importantly, would the vision be welcomed and taken seriously?

I was faced with a decision I had been prepared to make since I was a child. It was time to exercise my faith in a way I had never. This mission required a total dependence on the God I believed and served all my life. If He had dropped this vision into this vessel, He would be responsible for bringing it to fruition. Now, I had to of course be a willing party. So I finally took the leap of faith about two years ago. I launched under a slightly different name and then
changed it after a year to its current name – Healthy Curves Rock!

Of course, there is so much more to this story like how I was blessed to get the support and partnership of our CCO – Martine Foreman. Together, we are embarking on the next phase of the HCR journey and she is a God-send.


I’m taking over 10 years of Health &Wellness experience and my journey to healthy, and choosing to impact the lives of more than 65% of women in this country who are undeserved and underrepresented in the Health & Wellness space. We belong ladies and deserve to be served. And contrary to popular belief we want to Live our Best Life now and SIZE HEALTHY is the GOAL!

Grab your Self-Care Guide for Busy Women here and join us as we declare Size Healthy is the Goal around our country.

Why I Believe in Healthy Curves Rock + My Wellness Wish For You

Why I Believe in Healthy Curves Rock + My Wellness Wish For You