BlogFest 2018 Recap: The Push to Produce

BlogFest 2018 Recap: The Push to Produce

I was so very excited about attending this year’s BlogFest. Why? Well 2017 was just absolutely mind blowing and overwhelming, in a good way of course. Chile, I just wasn’t ready last year. But this year, your girl came ready. At least I thought I was ready. You see, I was ready for what I received last year. But oh boy was something different in store for me.

This event was a setup for my next step. I just didn’t know it.

First of all, it just felt different. And my immediate feeling was that “it’s just not the same.” Now we all know change is good. And different is fun. But work with your girl. I was expecting last year. So initially I knew I had embarked upon a different experience. 

Why I expect the same, when I had changed over the year and experienced transition in my brand? I don't know. But you know how we can be sometimes.



We started out with a 7:00am workout...on the BEACH! Yep. While kind of on the beach, but not really. Uh...but we did have coconuts! YES! Coconuts. FIT BODIES, Inc was in the house and boy did we have fun on our virtual beach. Take a look for yourself


Then we headed to our 1st session with opening speaker, Petra Kolber.

Vida & Petra Kolber

Vida & Petra Kolber

I knew God was up to some different stuff when she started talking. I began to feel the PUSH. Her motivation was just for me! I mean I’m sure some others felt the same way. However, she made me feel like this was personal. Immediately my perfection problem was dealt with…for real. Waiting for that “perfect moment” to do anything is never productive. It just becomes an excuse to be unproductive.

I was reminded that I was standing between me and me and to not let my “ER” get in the way. Becoming fittER, better, smartER. And because my brain is designed to keep me safER, I need to become boldER.

And if that were not enough, in walks Mrs. Sadie Nardini.  If you did not leave here knowing that you have indeed have content to create and sell that people REALLY need, I’m not sure if you were alive.

Most people know Sadie from the yoga industry. This was my first time meeting her. And all I can say is she is a BAD woman. She had no fluff. She came to drop the mic! And that she did. Sadie laid out exactly how to take your knowledge and, create the content and get it to the people who need it, want it and are waiting for it! 

And her word to the wise, "If you want to be experienced, than experience it." The PUSH was on.

Kristine Beatty did a wonderful job of breaking down the details of google analytics before we headed into yet another place where I was pushed, The Ultimate MEGA Circuit.




Day 2 started off with a full body workout by Frog Fitness and Breakfast sponsored by our friends at General Mills. We chatted all things Instagram Stories!

The day continued with a PUSH to get in front of the camera with GiGi Ashworth, of GiGi Eats Celebrities.  And then on too interviewing our fellow bloggers led by one of the fearless leaders of Sweat Pink, Jamie King and then our keynote, Jack LaLanne  award recipient, Heidi Powell.

Heidi's chat with us was more of a chat with friends as she shared that advancement does not mean that life gets easier.  The work is still very real at her level. Her mommy duties, wife duties and business owner duties are still there. Her team is what makes it all possible. 

Chantal Broderick of the Fitness Business Podcast exuded all things PUSH. Her POWER of Podcast session was yet another “how to” with nothing left out. NO THING! I felt truly blessed to be receiving the nuts, bolts and how-to's of successfully launching a podcast.   

She shared everything, right down to the structure, plan and scheduling. But what spoke louder than the knowledge she shared (which was top notch) was that she showed up with no voice. You heard me?! No VOICE. She got a person to speak for her and DE-LIVERED! I mean gave us EVERY-THING?! Experiencing this SHOWED me that situations will arise to keep me from meeting the mark. But I have to make a decision to PUSH to Produce.

Not only have I already produced a podcast with my hubby, I’m tweaking things around here for the Healthy Curves Rock community to get what you need on the go. (Pray for me.)

We ended the day with an awesome wrap-up sponsored by TriggerPoint with Natalie Jill.  And I don’t know if it was planned this way, but she rounded out the entire event reminding us to be authentic and responsible - responsible for what we want. It reminded me of Geoffrey Chaucer's - father of English Literature - line “Time and Tide Wait for No Man.”  Simply put, nothing is just going to happen. and a room full of bloggers had just been blessed with the knowledge and equipped with new skills to be responsible. We had all felt the PUSH to Produce. 

Click here to check out my love for TRIGGER POINT.


Connecting with a room filled with people who are rooting for you is a great feeling. And BlogFest did not fail this year! The Networking Happy Hour fostered new partnerships and lasting relationship. And your girl ran into her first fitness instructor, Billy Blanks!

And the running theme this year for me (not the official theme) was to just PUSH. And Push harder. I dropped in on some amazing IDEAfit workshops too. The value I gained was a great pairing with the knowledge gained in my BlogFest seminars. The Healthy Curves Rock community will be better because of BlogFest 2018. It’s time to PUSH to Produce!

It felt different at the start.

It was different.

I am different because of it. And I can’t wait until next year!


What are you going to PUSH to Produce? Let me know in the comments below.

SPECIAL THANKS to the SWEAT PINK team for my awesome cover photo.

Want to learn more about BlogFest? Click the picture to connect with them.



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