Legs, Arms, Thighs OH MY! Kettlebells Chicks Movement with Anabell Brown

Legs, Arms, Thighs OH MY! Kettlebells Chicks Movement with Anabell Brown

SO! As you may or may not know, I’ve recently joined forces with another Washington DC area Fitness Influencer, Alexis of Flecks of Lex to create a new movement, #DMVFitnessFam. And our 1st stop was with the amazing Ana Browne of the Kettlebell Chicks Movement.

A little of the back story - I have this habit of getting excited about many things. And then I get eager to try these many things. This was my feeling when Alexis proposed Anabell as our 1st stop on the #DMVFitnessFam list. Of course I said, “YES! Love it! Sounds great!” Well, in the middle of having the pleasure of participating and experiencing these classes, I have this battle in my mind. One thought is “What in the WORLD did I sign up to do?” The other thought is “This is the BEST thing I’ve done in a LONG time!” Well my classes with Ana did not disappoint with offering me these polar opposite feelings several times during her classes and sending me into total exhilaration afterward. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, RUN to check out one of Ana’s classes.

Keep reading to see why.

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My initial class with Ana was her signature Kettlebell class, Kettlebell Chicks. The second class was Luscious Legs and Arm Candy. I will share what I loved about my experience - Ana, the classes and the difference between the two. Here we go.


Ana holds her classes at Fitness Snob Studio. Fitness Snob is a woman owned boutique fitness studio that offers the opportunity for fitness professionals to have their own space. Just think a WeWork/co-working space for Fitness Instructors. Pretty cool, right? The studio is aesthetically pleasing, has amenities that big box gyms have - showers, lockers, etc. But it also has a lounge area at the front to connect with others before and after class. Also, there is usually some great munchies or sips to be had after class.


One of my biggest fears when God called me to the health & wellness space was that I do not fit the prototype for fitness professionals. And I was happy to see that the “The Kettlebell Chicks Movement is an empowering program promoting the physical health of women of all shapes and sizes.” noted on Ana’s website. Now, while I know I can do many physical activities, it just felt good to know that our instructor is size-inclusive in her approach. With the current statistics showing more that 60% of women are considered plus size and obese, WAY TO GO ANA!


Ana approaches her classes with a fun attitude and reminds us that we’ve come to WERK! Ana pushes you to go further, dig deeper, take one more rep while honoring your pace and level. Reps are timed and you are coached to get as many in as possible. However many reps you complete are fine. The promise is that you do your best. Ana also walks around the class to ensure everyone is using the proper form. She stopped by me a couple of times and I was thankful. I mean no need in going all hard and not be doing it correctly, right? Thanks Ana.

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So now that you have a good idea of the type of person Anabell is, let’s talk about her signature class, Kettlebell Chicks. Ana brings to this class over 10 years of expertise in kettle bells, specifically for women. She is a master trainer and is involved in some pretty cool endeavors in the industry.

Kettlebell Chicks is all about total body strength using the kettlebell. This includes lower body exercises like squats and lunges. It also includes upper body such as upright rows, bicep curls and a few dynamic moves that work on balance and core.

Luscious Legs/Arm Candy is just what it reads. You are going to W-O-R-K those legs and arms. HUN-TY, I mean work. WHEW! And your glutes? Get ready for the burn. Lift and tone is the the name of the game here. So get ready to fire on on cylinders. You will feel really accomplished when you leave this class. LOL!


Click here to connect with Ana and check out one of her classes. Let her know that Vida from HCR/DMVFitnessFam sent you to get a GOOD workout. And if you take a class with her, tag me on social media to let me know.

If you want to join in the DMVFitnessFam fun as we explore boutique fitness studios throughout the DMV, click here to get connected.

I’ll see you on the next review!

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Hi! I’m a Wife, Homeschool Mom and love encourging women in their faith. I’m currently recovering from Marginless Living. And I’m totally about that Curvy Fit Life. Oh! And Size HEALTHY is the GOAL!

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